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Nevsky Prostor is a real estate agency which offers professional approach and overall solutions focusing on legal details. Our specialists are competent in all spheres related to real estate. All of them are chartered specialists and monitor changes in property laws. Contact us and we will solve any of your issues concerning real estate.

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Shinkevich Alla Gennadevna CEO
Always focused on the improvement of quality of our services, we will be glad to receive feedback, including constructive criticism.

Nevsky Prostor is a full member of the Association of Realtors of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region and the Russian Guild of Realtors. The company has gone through the voluntary real estate services certification for already four times. Professional activities of our agency are insured.

Yours faithfully,
Alla Shinkevich

Our satisfied customers

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  • Thanks to: Alla Shinkevich
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    E. Gavrilov
    Everything was really positive and nice! Alla Shinkevich is a wonderful person. Next time I will go only to you!!
  • Thanks to: Marina Chumakova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent, New housing market
    Nikolay Ivanov
    I’d like to thank Marina for helping us to sell our apartment and buy a new one. She provided us with support at all stages, gave us recommendations when it was needed. She was nice and responsible and paid attention to all our requests.
  • Thanks to: Marina Ershova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent. Training manager
    The Likhodumovs
    Our family would like to thank the realtor Marina Ershova for the work she has done to help us buy an apartment. We were lucky to meet so professional and responsible person for this important business. We appreciate her competent advice and timely assistance in negotiations and paperwork. We felt absolutely safe with her. Many thanks to Marina for her kindness and sincerity. Wishing you all the best and much success.
  • Thanks to: Vera Korchagina
    Real estate advisor
    Maya Kapitonova
    I would like to express my gratitude to Vera Korchagina for her great job that she did to sell my apartment. Many thanks to Vera for her sensitivity and integrity. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.
  • Thanks to: Elizaveta Petrova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent, New housing market
    Leonid Livshits
    Many thanks to Elizaveta Petrova for her great work.
  • Олег
    Агентство недвижимости «Невский простор» помогло мне выгодно продать квартиру, которая была в ипотеке. Причём задача стояла продать без большого дисконта, иначе для меня продажа теряла всякий смысл. Сразу скажу, что эту задачу мы с АН «Невский простор» реализовали на 100%. И сделка прошла достаточно быстро, и все стороны остались довольны. Поэтому рекомендую это агентство!
  • Thanks to: Marina Ershova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent. Training manager
    Shishkin Mikhail
    I’m always busy with my work, so buying an apartment was rather challenging for me. I contacted Nevsky Prostor to save time. I explained them that I was very busy and couldn’t spend much time on selecting apartments, so I asked Marina, the agent that worked with me, to show me as many apartments as possible within one day. And she managed to show me 9 apartments in the area I wanted. Now I live in one of those nine apartments and I’m very grateful for Marina’s help.
  • Ксения
    Замечательные сотрудники АН «Невский простор» помогли быстро получить выписку из ЕГРН! Большое спасибо за профессиональную помощь в решении срочного вопроса! Мне не пришлось ничего делать самой и никуда обращаться. Все сделали в агентстве и быстро предоставили готовую выписку.
  • Thanks to: Alla Shinkevich
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Natalya Konopleva
    Thank you for your great job. Everything was done without any problems. We have worked with this agency for several times, we and our friends. The deals were made without any fuss and mistakes. My friend bought an apartment in a brand new home. The agency recommended her the best developer and the deal was made without any problems. Thanks again for your work.
  • Thanks to: Alla Shinkevich
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    I would like to thank Alla Shinkevich for great work she did for us. Although other real estate agents told us that it was impossible to sell our apartment at the price we asked, she agreed to sell our apartment and she actually sold it at the exact price we wanted. And on December 1 a complicated transaction was made where 5 persons were involved. Alla is a real professional. She was helping us from the very beginning and even after the transaction was made. We deeply appreciate her help.

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