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Our specialists will develop an effective strategy of selling your apartment based on its benefits and hidden perspectives

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  • We will help you privatise your apartmentlegal advice, paperwork assistance
  • Evaluate property, its conditionsgive recommendations what to improve to increase the price of the property
  • We will help you to sell an apartment with mortgage encumbranceWe work with leading banks and developed a special system to sell such properties
  • We deal with difficult casesEncumbrance and debts can make your apartment unattractive, but we know how to help you

Want to know the best price for your apartment?

We compare the prices of all apartments available for sale in your area and provide you the detailed information. Example:
  • Address: Primorskaya Metro Station, Galerniy proezd
  • Area: 89 sq meters
  • Description: spacious hall, two enclosed balconies, overlooks the river and park
  • Price: 12 450 000 RUB

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Ginovker Alexander MendelevichChief Executive Officer
Always focused on the improvement of quality of our services, we will be glad to receive feedback, including constructive criticism. 
Nevsky Prostor is a full member of the Association of Realtors of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region and the Russian Guild of Realtors. The company has gone through the voluntary real estate services certification for already four times. Professional activities of our agency are insured.

Yours faithfully, CEO "Nevsky Prostor" Alexander Ginovker

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  • Marina Grinbergas
    Специалист вторичного рынка недвижимости
    Polin Ivan
    It was a great pleasure to work this agency. Everything was done very quickly and very professionally. Marina Grinbergas, the agent who worked with us, supported us during the whole process of buying an apartment.
  • Alla Shinkevich
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Denis Ivanov
    We have been extremely satisfied with Nevsky Prostor services.
    That was already our second deal that we made with a help of this agency. We have really appreciated that they took into consideration our interests and carefully protected them. We were absolutely sure that we could contact them and ask any questions even after making a deal and get a quick response.
    We were selling our one-room apartment and getting a mortgage to buy another one. Besides the real result (the sale of our apartment) we were given invaluable help when applying for a mortgage for free. And we achieved what we wanted. We will definitely recommend Nevsky Prostor to our friends. Thank you so much.
    The only negative point is that the selling process at least in our case was rather slow. I think it could be a bit faster. But in general everything was nice.
  • Vera Korchagina
    Real estate advisor
    Andrey Surkov
    I got married last year and we didn’t want to live with parents, therefore straight after our wedding we started searching for a flat to rent. Firstly, we tried to save money and asked our friends and relatives if they had some variants. But we couldn’t find anything interesting. All options were too expensive or in another district, or in a bad condition. After three months of searching we were still living with parents. My wife contacted Nevsky Prostor. The next week we visited 5 apartments and one of them was very nice. Within a week we were already living there.
  • Marina Ershova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent. Training manager
    A. Kosareva
    Marina gave me clear instructions and supported me. She is a real professional and a good person. Thank you so much!
  • Marina Chumakova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent, New housing market
    The Shmelevs
    We would like to thank Marina Chumakova and the entire Nevsky Prostor team for the work they did for us. They helped us to make two deals: to sell our housing and buy a new one. Thank you so much for your support and numerous recommendations, personal participation in all important and controversial moments. Thank you for selecting a perfect housing option for us, incredible tact, patience and high level of professionalism. We wish you prosperity and plenty of grateful customers!
  • Marina Ershova
    Real estate advisor. Secondary market, Rent. Training manager
    Konstantin Petrov
    We contacted the agency several times. And we were very pleased with the professionalism of Alla Shinkevich and her individual approach for our each issue. Definitely will recommend her to my friends. Thank you for your work!

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Nevsky Prostor offers real estate services

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We thoroughly studied the real estate market in St Petersburg, its trend to ensure you the best deals! Our professional knowledge and skills together with a high level of responsibility allow us to ensure you the most profitable deals with guaranteed safety!

Advertising your property on over one hundred federal and local websites and property databases

Ensures over one thousand potential buyers will see your property ad!

Property sales services in St Petersburg - Nevsky Prostor Real Estate Agency

Apartment sales services in St Petersburg is one of our key activities. With our estate agents you can forget about all problems that you may have when dealing with a property transaction. We respect the needs of sellers: to sell an apartment at a good price and in a short time. We ensure you high-quality real estate services when selling your property.

Sell an apartment - professional services

The popularity of real estate services is growing constantly. However, you should remember that there are different real estate agents. Don't trust your property to random agents or any fly-by-night agencies. To avoid the problems with selling your apartment, you should contact a real estate agency with good reputation and extensive experience.

For instance, Nevsky Prostor. Why to choose Nevsky Prostor?

Real estate sales services

Wondering how much it costs to sell an apartment using an estate agent in St. Petersburg? The answer is simple – it is not expensive. To sell apartment using an estate agent is not only cost-effective but also very convenient. Property privatization, paperwork, search of buyers, apartment exchange – Nevsky Prostor estate agents will be glad to help you with all of this.

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